Long Lasting Makeup

Best Long Lasting Makeup Tips – To Make Your Makeup Last Longer

Good makeup products and effective makeup application tricks are keys to have Long Lasting Makeup. With the Long Lasting Makeup tips you can ensure long lasting foundation makeup, smudge-proof eye makeup, long staying lipstick and can avoid having need to apply second makeup application around lunch time.

How to apply long lasting makeup
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Follow these tips and tricks to have your makeup last longer:

1. Choose Appropriate Makeup Products: All of first you need to determine what type of skin you have, whether oily, dry, combination, or sensitive. Now look out for the products tailor-made for your skin type, such as oil absorbing makeup products keep in check shine for oily skin people.

2. Remember oil and dirt sitting on your skin cause makeup to smear and smudge.  Take care of your T-zone, if you have oily or combination skin. So the next step is to cleanse and tone your skin to remove dirt and oil.

3. Next apply a lightweight moisturizer cream. It is important that you allow few minutes for it to set in to provide a smooth canvas for makeup. This will also make your makeup to not get absorbed into your pores; therefore the makeup will not slide right off and will last much longer.

4. Next, consider using a foundation primer before applying foundation to ensure more adherence for the foundation and even coverage. The primer will also help in getting a long lasting makeup. Without a primer, makeup tends to be absorbed and look blotchy half way through the day.

5. Next step is to apply long lasting makeup foundation. Go for powder-based, anti aging, thicker compact-style makeup for smooth coverage. In case of need, consider using waterproof foundation. Do not rub foundation into your skin; rather try to blend it around the edges. Click here to learn How To Apply Foundation Flawlessly.

7. If you have some darker areas, use a non-oily concealer over them. Also to make your eye-shadow stay put longer, use this as an eye-shadow base.

8. For adding color to your face, use either a cream blush or powder bronzer, depending upon your kin type. Go for either a sponge or a good quality brush.

9. Remember a good quality powder is essential to have long lasting makeup. Use lightweight, loose translucent type powder and a dense, larger powder brush to powder your face. It is important to repeat the application over your oily areas.

10. Consider adding another light layer of powdered blush or bronzer. In case you have dry, flaky skin, skip this step. A long lasting makeup trick is that loose powder works best.  However, remember to first tap any excess off before applying it onto your face.

11. Consider using a lip-liner to keep lipstick in place. Use a long-wearing good quality lipstick. After applying lip-liner to your lips, dust with loose powder, and then apply gloss or lipstick of your choice. For more tips, read on How To Apply Long Lasting Lipstick.

12. Apply your eye makeup in light layers to get long lasting eye makeup.

(i) For long lasting eyeliner, line your eyes with pencil eyeliner, powder lightly and then reapply and/or apply liquid eyeliner on top.

(ii) To ensure long lasting mascara makeup, first powder your eyelashes and then apply mascara in two coats.

(iii) You can apply eye shadow both in cream and powder form. Optionally you can use blush brush dipped in light pink blush or neutral powder for the purpose of blending and setting eye shadow.

(iv) Consider using eye makeup primer as it can make your eye makeup last much longer. It not only makes eye shadow stick better but will also help in having more vibrant colors. Liquid eyeliner has much more staying power than pencil eye liners.

Natural Beauty Tips for Long Lasting Makeup:

(i) Whereas the powder lasts longer on oily complexions, the cream formulations work better for dry skin. In case you are mixing two, apply cream first and then set with powder.

(ii) Dab concealer under your eyes and let it sit for about a minute or two before blending.

(iii) Go for layering to have lush lashes all day long.

(iv) Before you go out, dust a little powder under your eyes. It will lighten your under eyes. It will also not only result into absorbing oil, but keep your eye-liner and mascara from running.

(v) For long lasting makeup, blot your makeup with makeup blotting sheets or a paper towel during the day to absorb oil.

(vi) Ensure to end your makeup application process with a light layer of loose powder to keep your makeup in place and last longer. You need to apply more-powder in excess oily areas like T-zone (Forehead, Nose and Chin)

Follow above tips for Long Lasting Makeup, so that you don’t need to reapply it just after few hours.

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