Best Manicure Set For Women – Manicure at home in easy steps and save your money and time

In this article we will tell you about HOW TO MANICURE AT HOME IN EASY STEPS and also suggest Best Manicure Sets for you, which if you like can buy and save a lot of money and time by manicuring your nails sitting at home.

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Follow these easy steps to manicure at home to get Salon Quality results and show case your gorgeous and pretty nails.

1. All of first remove existing nail polish from your nails (if any).

2. Apply lotion or cuticle oil at the base of your nails to soften your cuticles. Then push back your cuticles gently with the cuticle stick. Avoid clipping your cuticles, since they are needed to protect your nails from infection.

3. First clip your nails, If required. Then file your nails in one direction. Do not foil in back and forth motion, since it can weaken your nails. Buff tenderly sides and tops of your nails to make a smooth surface. Avoid using emery paper for this purpose.

4. Apply the nail polish base coat, starting from the cuticle ends and painting down in one stroke to the tip of your nails. Do it in such a way that three swipes of base coat should cover a whole nail. Wait for two full minutes to dry it out, before you move further.

5. Avoid shaking nail polish bottle to mix up the color as it can create bubbles. Instead take the nail polish bottle between your hands and roll it back and forth quickly and you will have a perfect nail color without any bubbles.

6. Apply the first thin coat of color nail polish, starting from the base of your nail; swipe the color polish all the way to tip of the nail.

7. Wait for two minutes after first coat and apply second coat of nail polish.

8. Let your nails dry out completely, then apply top coat.

9. Wipe off carefully any nail polish smudged around the edges of your nails.

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Now since you know the secrets of how to manicure at home, do not wait further to buy a nail manicure kit. Buy your own manicure set and try our above “how to manicure at home” easy steps and showcase your salon quality manicured nails.

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