I have shared many hair care treatment recipes with you on NaturalBeautyTips, but to this day one of the most admired hair treatments of all time is: the mayonnaise for hair treatment. This is why our grandmothers, our mothers, the beauty magazines – all keep telling to use mayonnaise hair mask on your hair. Mayonnaise contains oils, eggs and other ingredients that nourish hair.

mayonnaise treatment for hair

Treat Your Hair With Mayonnaise To Have Softer And Shinier Hair

Does Mayonnaise In Hair Treatment Really Work?

If you are looking for softer, shinier, smoother feeling hair, then mayonnaise mask for hair may be an answer for you. Mayonnaise does contain oils, eggs and some other hair friendly ingredients such as lemon juice, vinegar and soybean oil which contain fatty acids and vitamins that can boost up shine and work to lock in moisture.

How To Use Mayonnaise In Hair Treatment?

Following are the steps of do it yourself mayonnaise treatment at home:

1. Apply mayonnaise onto your freshly cleansed, damp hair starting from your scalp to ends, the way you would apply a hair conditioner.

2. Give yourself a good hair massage. Make sure you massage outwards from roots to ends, focusing on the ends because they are the oldest part of your hair. But starts 1 inch away from your roots, especially if you have fine or thin hair.

3. Cover your head with a shower cap (a plastic bag will do just as well) or a heated thermal cap to enhance the absorption rate of mayonnaise into your hair.

4. Leave the treatment in your hair for 20-30 minutes, and then thoroughly cleanse your hair with a gentle shampoo to remove the mayonnaise from your hair. Preferably, use a gentle moisturizing shampoo that cleanses your hair well without drying it too much. If you feel some residues are still remaining, you can cleanse again.

Natural Beauty Tips:

(i) You can buy mayonnaise from your grocery store or you can make your own at home with eggs, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, and coconut oil.

(ii) Whichever mayonnaise you opt for, you can add other hair-healthy ingredients like avocado or honey to blend a custom concoction as per your hair needs. For instance mixing in almond oil and vinegar can help you to get rid of head lice.

(iii) In case you are dreaming for softer hair and extra shine, I suggest trying this treatment once a month.

(iv) The mayonnaise treatment can restore the health of dry, brittle or frizzy hair.

(v) You can use homemade mayonnaise hair masks to make your hair look beautiful and gorgeous.

If you have ever tried mayonnaise on your hair, please share with our readers how did it work for you?

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