You don’t need to go to expensive fashionable hair salons or snazzy hair spas for getting natural luster or gloss on hair. For this purpose, messaging your hair with natural oils is an ancient time secret that has been followed from generation to generation.

Best Natural Oils For Hair

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Whatever hair masks your grand-mother might have recommended, messaging of natural oils onto your hair have eternally been proven to one of the best hair treatments to give your hair natural sheen and gloss.

In this article you will find ways to use natural oils as per your hair texture.

Please read on for selected natural hair oils for different hair types.

1. Thin Hair – Rosemary Oil: Thin hair draws more grime and dust. Rosemary oil tends to cleanse dirt and impurities from your hair. So applying rosemary oil is a natural remedy.

Benefits of Rosemary Oil:

(i)    It not only gives gloss to your hair, but also helps in preventing hair loss by stimulating hair follicles.

(ii)   It is a known fact that rosemary oil guards against premature graying of  hair.

(iii)  It is aromatic oil.

(iv) This oil is a rich source of calcium, vitamin B and iron, so helps in curing dandruff and other conditions like oily scalp, frizzy or brittle hair.

2.   Thick Hair – Olive Oil: For dry, coarse and thick hair, olive oil is the best treatment.  Olive oil is packed with high level of mono-saturated fat, which is a good natural remedy for coarse and damaged hair. This oil also works to strengthen and moisturize your hair.

3.  Damaged Hair – Avocado Oil: This oil is a rich source of amino acids and proteins, which are excellent to use in treatment of damaged hair, dandruff and thinning of hair.

4.   Fine Hair – Seed Oil: This oil is best remedy for dull and dry strands. It contains panicle acid that is best known for revitalizing dull and dry hair. One more benefit of this oil is that it helps in protecting your hair from chemical and environmental adversities.


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