Natural Orange Peel Moisturizing Night Cream

Orange Peel Night CreamIn this article, you will find natural orange peel night time moisturizing cream recipe to nourish your skin and make it look soft & supple.

Orange peel is packed with vitamin C, which is a good for skin. You can use it for making Orange peel natural moisturizing & nourishing cream for face that you can use at night. It’s easy to make, contains no chemicals – so has has no side effects.

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Homemade Orange Peel Moisturizing Night Cream

You will need:

(i) Orange peel – of 2 oranges

(ii) Orange oil – 4 drops

(iii) Jojoba Oil – 1/4 tablespoon

(iv) Glycerin – 1 to 2 teaspoons


(i) Put all the above ingredients in a blender, and blend them until you have a smooth, creamy consistency cream. You cab adjust the quantities to get the creamy consistency.

(ii) Store the cream in an airtight container, in cool place. Shelf live is about 2 weeks.

Wash your face and use it regularly every night to nourish you skin before you sleep. Let it stay overnight. See how nourished & supple your skin becomes in few days.

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