Best Skincare For Oily Skin: Step-by-Step Routine

oily skin care routineIf you have oily skin, you know how difficult it is to put together an oily skin care routine to control the oil slick on your face. It’s more so because a good number of the products promising to get rid of oil, in fact worsen skin’s conditions – since they contain ingredients that set off more oily shine!

Don’t worry! Read on here the research-backed best skin care rules for oily skin that really work to keep your skin shine-free, looking radiant and beautiful.

Best Skincare For Oily Skin – Rules & Steps

# 1: Cleanse Skin Twice A Day

Remember you don’t need to cleanse oily skin more often than other types of skin. Ideally you should wash your skin with a gentle, water-soluble cleanser only twice daily (morning and night), irrespective of your skin type. Choose a cleanser, which can be rinsed off without leaving any residue, is fragrance free (fragrance can be a problem) and does not contain drying cleansing ingredients. Drying up skin doesn’t help as it strips off the essential natural oils, which can then trick your skin into generating more oil – causing the oily skin turns even oilier.

Even the American Academy of Dermatology’s suggests washing your skin once in morning & once at night, and after sweating as well.

For extra cleansing, do not use hard scrubs or cleansing brushes having stiff bristles. Instead use soft washcloth or cleansing brush having ultra-soft bristles so as to not be rough on your skin.

# 2: Skincare For Oily Face: Tone Your Skin

For oily skin, an important step is to use a toner to rejuvenate and recharge your skin, minimize appearance of enlarged skin pores as well as get rid of the last traces of makeup that can otherwise clog skin pores. Use a toner that is alcohol free and full of antioxidants & skin-replenishing ingredients. You may use a kind of toner that doubles up as a moisturizer as well for daytime use.

# 3: Best Care For Oily Skin: Exfoliate Weekly

Exfoliation is beneficial for all skin types, including oily skin. Oily skin is prone to developing an extra-thick coat of dead skin cells on its surface, causing complexion to look dull. Gentle exfoliation helps to get rid of that build up from the skin’s surface and minimize clogged pores.

Now you may ask how often you should exfoliate? It depends on your skin’s condition – some may need daily exfoliation, while others can only handle once or twice a week. You can determine what works best for you by focusing on how your skin responds to exfoliation.

Find here Best Exfoliators For Oily Skin

# 4: Oily Skin Too Needs Moisturizer

Having oily skin doesn’t mean that you can skip moisturizer. Irrespective of the skin type, moisturizing plays a key role in any skin care regime. It’s just that you should use a moisturizer, which is formulated for your skin type. Even in case of oily skin, external factors such as pollution, sunrays, and excessive cleansing can impair skin’s moisture barrier, leading to moisture loss and upsurge in oil production. All this can make your complexion looking overly shiny.

For oily skin, in fact you need a feather light but an effectively hydrating and skin-renewing gel or serum. Choose one that contains antioxidants & skin-replenishing ingredients and is free of pore-clogging ingredients.

# 5: Sun Protection For Oily Skin

Irrespective of your skin type, sun protection is a must for minimizing risk of premature skin aging and skin cancer. Use a broad-spectrum, oil-free sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 before heading outside, and keep a sunscreen bottle handy in your tote. Remember to reapply it every two hours, and soon after sweating or swimming. Besides applying sunscreen, also take other sun protection measures such as wearing a broad-brimmed hat, sunglasses, covering up exposed skin areas in long sleeves, pants, etc.

# 6: Skincare For Oily Face: Keep Blotting Sheets Handy

If your skin begins to look excessively shiny in middle of the day, use blotting sheets as a quick fix. These are thin papers that can absorb excessive oil from your face instantly, so keep a pack in your tote for use in emergencies.

The last but not the least tip about best care for oily skin is always use skin care products that are designed specially for oily skin. For instance, whereas a heavier cream moisturizer is best for dry skin, but a lightweight lotion moisturizer is more appropriate for oily skin to keep it hydrated,

Best Face Care For Oily Skin – Some More Tips

(i) Avoid using products that contain drying or harsh ingredients. They may make your skin look less shiny initially, but over the long run, using such ingredients can exacerbate oiliness. Always remember to steer clear of harsh, drying ingredients as they in fact aggravate oiliness on your face! SD alcohol & denatured alcohol are common perpetrators.

(ii) Don’t use products that have pore-clogging or emollient ingredients because they tend to trigger more oil. Generally, ingredients that help keep skin care products in solid form (like bar soaps or stick foundations), or that are used in emollient lotions & creams are likely to block skin pores & make your skin look oily. So, avoid using creams or thick formulas, and instead choose fluid lotions, liquids, feather light gels or weightless serums.


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