Best 6 Top Oily Skin Treatments & Prevention

Oily Skin Treatment Home Remedy
Oily skin occurs when the sebaceous glands in the skin produces excessive oil. Sebum is natural oil, a waxy substance that hydrates & protects the skin

Read on here top 6 at home oily skin treatments. Following these you can manage oily skin symptoms without using prescription-strength drugs.

Sebum (natural oil) is important for maintaining the skin healthy. However, excessive sebum is the prime cause for oily skin, clogged pores, and acne breakouts. A regular skin care routine is necessary for managing oily skin.

6 Best Home Treatments For Oily Skin

# 1

Wash Regularly To Treat Oily Skin

Wash with a gentle soap & lukewarm water, 2-3 times a day (not more than 2 times with soap). This will cut down the amount of oil on your skin.

Remember the following points relating to washing Oily Skin:

  • Use lukewarm water and a gentle soap.
  • Don’t use soaps with harsh chemicals, fragrances, or added moisturizers, which can dry out & irritate the skin – causing the skin to respond by making more sebum.
  • Avoid using rough washcloths & loofahs, because the added friction will not only irritate, but can also stimulate the skin to produce more oil.

If the above is not effective, medicated acne care products might help. These skin care products have the following acidic ingredient that can deal with oily skin:

  • salicylic acid
  • glycolic acid
  • beta-hydroxy acid
  • benzoyl peroxide

These acidic ingredients may irritate some skin types. Whenever you are starting a new product, make it a habit to first use it on a small patch of your skin to avoid any potential irritation.

For a lot of people who simply have oily skin and not suffering from acne/pimples vulgaris, a good brand fragrance-free glycerin soap and warm water can tackle oily skin.

Using the right facial cleanser is very important for dealing with oily skin. A range of facial cleansers is available here for purchase online.

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# 2

Using a toner For Treating Oily Skin

Make sure to avoid astringent toners that have alcohol, as they can dry out your skin.

On the other hand natural astringents, like witch hazel, have skin soothing properties. [Source: 2014 study]

The presence of good amount of tannin content, makes witch hazel an anti-inflammatory, natural astringent. This explains why for a lot of people having oily skin, witch hazel has become their preferred toner.

Many people claim natural astringent toners, such as witch hazel, help make their enlarged pores appear smaller and also scavenge away residual bits of beauty product or makeup that could clog skin pores. However when using, some people may find that these products (astringent toners) tingle or itches their skin. If it occurs, this may be a sign of irritation that could cause more production of sebum (natural oil).

So, it’s a good habit to always test any new toner on a small area of skin to check how the skin reacts.

Check out here a range of good toners & purchase online.

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# 3

Pat Your Face Dry

After washing your face & using toner, gently pat dry your skin using a soft towel.

Avoid using a rough washcloth or pulling down on the skin because as it can stimulate your skin to produce more sebum.

# 4

Use Blotting Papers Or Medicated pads To Manage Oily Skin During The Day!

There are available in the market specially designed absorbent blotting papers. These are specifically meant for pulling oil from the skin.

These blotting papers cannot stop the sebum creation by the skin. However, you can use them to lift extra oil off your skin during the day so that it looks less shiny.

Many companies are also making cloth pads medicated with well-known cleansing ingredients, like salicylic acid or glycolic acid. These may be used to get rid of extra oil during the day, and also for cleansing the skin & pores.

Check out & buy blotting papers here online purchase online.

# 5

Consider Using An Oily Skin Facial Mask To Control Oily Skin

Consider using any one of the following facial masks to treat oily skin, containing ingredients such as:

  • Clay. Masks containing minerals like bentonite or smectite can suck oils off the skin, thereby decrease sebum levels & skin shininess, without irritating your skin. Make sure to apply clay masks occasionally only, so as to not dry out your skin, and remember to use your favorite gentle moisturizer afterwards.
  • Honey. As per 2011 study, natural raw honey contains antiseptic & antibacterial properties [Source]. Try this ten-minute honey facemask to decrease oily skin symptoms & reduce acne, while keeping your skin supple & soft.
  • Oatmeal. A 2014 study reported that oatmeal masks help cleanse the skin [Source] Oats have gentle cleansing (saponins), antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that help calm & soothe irritated skin.

Facial masks for oily skin are available here for purchase online.

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# 6

Apply Moisturizers, Even If You Have Oily Skin

Thinking that a moisturizer makes oily skin look greasier, many people skip using moisturizers on oily skin. But the truth is if the right moisturizer is used, it certainly can benefit even oily skin.

If you have very oily skin, an oil-free moisturizer can help maintain your skin moist and protected, without getting any feeling of greasy skin.

As per a 2014 study, aloe vera could be an effective moisturizer for treating oily skin and acne. Aloe vera contains certain compounds that have a natural soothing effect on the skin. This study reported: “To be an effective moisturizer, it should have at least ten percent aloe in it.” [Source]

However, before buying any product containing aloe gel for moisturizing, be careful about the other ingredients, particularly denatured alcohol because instead of helping your skin, it can dry out and irritate your skin.

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Oily skin that is caused by genetics is difficult to control. So, also is difficult to prevent an oily skin that occurs due to the changes in hormones.

The best way to prevent & control oily skin is to find a skin care regime that works for you, and follow it consistently.

When oily skin occurs, people are tempted to hide it using makeup. But, they need to be ware of certain products, especially oil-based products. In fact they can clog the skin pores and make the oily skin symptoms even worse.

Some people find water-based makeup a better option, whereas for some others using no makeup works best for their skin.

And then some other people claim that their diet helps control their skin from acting up. They swear staying hydrated; avoiding oily foods & trans fats, and eating a well-balanced diet full of whole foods can do the trick.

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