2 Homemade Peppermint Foot Scrub Recipes

Homemade Peppermint Foot Scrub

These two incredible homemade peppermint foot scrub recipes are especially for use to give a SPA like treatment to your feet at home.

Why To Use These Ingredients In Foot Scrub

Epsom Salt: It contains magnesium & sulfur, which exfoliate as well as soften the skin on your feet when used in a scrub. These salts also provide soothing and relaxing comforts to the tired feet (particularly when used in a foot soak).

Baking Soda: While exfoliating and softening, it deodorizes your feet (no more stinky odor from your feet!).

Coconut Oil: Works as a natural moisturizer. It provides lubricating effect to the scrub, making it good in giving deep exfoliation.

You can use any other moisturizing oil of your choice instead of coconut oil.

Peppermint Essential Oil: It contains menthol, which provides cooling and soothing effects to the achy, tired feet. It’s anti-fugal properties help prevent nail fungus. It has invigorating smell, which helps get rid of stinking foot odor.

Recipe # 1

You will need:

(i) Epsom Salt: 1 cup

(ii) Baking Soda: 1/4 cup

(iii) Coconut oil: 2 tablespoon

(iv) Peppermint essential oil: 5 drops


(i) Mix well the Epsom salt and the baking soda in a glass bowl to make a dry mixture.

(ii) Melt the coconut oil & pour over the dry mixture.

Tip: Keep in mind to first mix the Epsom salt & baking soda together before adding any liquid ingredient. This ensures that everything is mixed thoroughly.

(iii) While stirring the mixture, gradually add the peppermint oil one drop at a time. Continue stirring until you get a thick paste of uniform consistency. You may have to adjust the amounts of the ingredients to get a thick paste. Your scrub is ready now.

(iv) Transfer the scrub to an airtight container & keep it in cool, dark place. You can store it for up to 6 months, provided no water or water-based ingredient goes into the scrub.

How To Use This Recipe As A Foot Scrub: Take out about 1/4 cup of the scrub and rub onto slightly wet feet. Rinse, pat dry and wear cotton socks to allow the moisture to do its job properly.

How To Use This Recipe As A Foot Soak: Take out 1/4 cup of the scrub and mix with 2 quarts of warm water. Soak your feet for ten to fifteen minutes. You may now use the scrub to get rid of dead skin and calluses. Rinse, pat dry and wear cotton socks to keep the moisture in.

Recipe # 2

You will need:

(i) Epsom Salt: ½ cup 

(ii) Sugar: ½ cup

(iii) Coconut oil:  ½ cup, melted

(iv) Peppermint oil: 8-10 drops


(i) Mix the Epsom salt, sugar in a glass bowl. Stir the two ingredients completely until you get uniformly distributed dry mixture.

(ii) Mix well 8 drops of the peppermint essential oil with the melted coconut oil.  

Slowly pour the solution (melted coconut oil + peppermint essential oil) over the dry mixture. Mix well until you have evenly distributed scrub.

How To Use The Foot Scrub?

(i) Soak your feet in warm water for ten to fifteen minutes. Remove dry skin from the heel with the help of a pumice stone. Clean the area around your toe nails with a nailbrush. Apply a generous amount of the scrub and scrub it all over your feet.

(ii) Wash your feet with warm water & pat dry with a clean towel. Apply moisturizer of your choice. Wear cotton sock for the moisturizer to its job properly.

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