How to Apply Eye Makeup – Easy Eye Makeup Tips And Techniques

Eyes are the most noticed feature on your face. In this article you will find Eye makeup techniques that you need to know about how to do eye makeup. Play up your eyes with our eye makeup application tips to have beautiful eyes and glamorous look.

1. Cleanse your face: First wash your face thoroughly with a mild cleanser, especially any leftover make up on your eyes. In case of having dry skin around the eyes, apply a tiny bit of moisturizer between the temples and outer corner of your eyes and beneath the eyes. Never apply moisturizer on your eyelids.

2. Apply Primer – Optional Step, but recommended: To avoid creasing and have long lasting pretty eye makeup colors, consider applying primer to all over your  eyelids and up to the brow bone. Due to continuous movement of the eyes and oily eye lids, eye shadows / colors tend to crease and fade away, so primer application is recommended.

3. Apply Concealer: To cover up dark circles under your eyes and to even out the skin tone under the eye, apply three dots of concealer under each eye. Use your ring finger to pat gently the concealer dots starting from inner corner towards the outer edge, until it blends with your skin and disappears. To learn how to choose and apply concealer, please read How to Apply Concealer.

4. Apply Eye shadow: Choose the right colors for the pretty eye makeup application, keeping in view your dress color, occasion, and your personality. If you have time, use three-tone shadow for your eye makeup. The natural eye makeup technique is to begin with light color that matches or suits your eye lid skin tone and sweep it across the lid and up to your brow bone. Follow this with applying the medium color on your eyelid only and a darker color in the crease. Blend the colors into each other like the formation of a rainbow.

For your clarification, crease is the slight dip between your eyelid and brow bone. For applying darker color here, start from the outer corner of your crease and work inwards along the arch about two third of the way.

5. Apply Eyeliner: Follow up with eyeliner. The best pretty eye makeup technique is to use dark eyes shadows as eyeliners or you may go for simple black or brown eyeliner. Apply eyeliner as close to the upper lashes as you can from the inner corner to the outer corner. If you like, you can apply liner on the lower lashes as well from somewhere the middle of the eye out. If you want to have smoky eye look, apply a dark shadow with a fine tipped brush to pat in along the upper lid and below the lid, so as to not to have a stark line.

6.Pretty eye makeup ideas:

(i) Dab your ring finger into your lightest eye shadow and press it into inner corner of your eye where the bottom lid meets the upper lid. Use this eye makeup tip to brighten your eyes.

(ii) Take the same lightest eye shadow color on your ring finger and dab it onto your brow bone.

7. Curl up your lashes: Half close your eyes and grip your upper eye lashes with a curler. Hold it there for five seconds. You can also consider to heat the curler under a blow dryer for two seconds before using it.

Caution: Test the curler before holding your lashes as you may burn your lashes, if you heat it up more. Also always curl up your lashes before applying mascara.

8. Apply Mascara:  The final tip about applying eye makeup is to apply mascara, starting from the base of your upper lashes and gradually sweeping upwards. If you like, you can similarly apply mascara to your lower lashes as well.

Caution: If you want to apply second coat, apply it while the first coat is still wet, as applying another coat to dry mascara will leads into clumps.

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