Rice Water As A Skin Cleanser, Face Wash And Skin Toner

Rice Water For FaceRice water is high in vitamins, minerals and amino acids that can work wonders for your skin. Rice water for skin is something that has been known to women in Asian cultures since ages. As a tradition, the female rice farmers in China, Japan, and other southeast Asian countries did not throw the water after cleaning rice but used it for washing their face, hair and taking bath.

Rose Water Skin Benefits

Are you wondering, why use rice water for face?

Rice infused water is an established ingredient in Korean traditional beauty culture because of its both brightening and anti-inflammatory properties. This traditional legacy of using rice water for skin care has been passed down through the generations.

It’s now no more a secret that rice water is a great natural ingredient for providing moisturizing and anti-inflammatory benefits to your skin.

Some beauty experts say that rice water not only has skin brightening property, but also can minimize pores, improve skin firmness and help smoothen rough skin texture.

Rice Water is really a 3 in 1 Skin Care Product – Skin Cleanser, Face Wash And Skin Toner. It’s easy to make, use and perhaps the cheapest beauty product. So, next time when you cook rice, don’t discard the water! Use this all natural  beauty product to pamper your skin and hair!

First thing is to find out how to make rose water at home.

How To Rice Water Water For Skin?

You will need:

(i) Rice: 1/2 cup, uncooked rice (brown or white)

(ii) Water: 2 cups, purified


To whip up rice water, first rinse 1/2 cup of rice with some clean water to get rid of any dirt or impurities.

Next, put 1/2 cup of the cleaned, uncooked rice in a bowl and cover with enough water so that the rice is fully submerged by an inch or so. Let the rice steep for 30 minutes. Whirl it around and gently knead it until the water turns cloudy. This will ensure that the vitamins and minerals go into the water, producing a nourishing magical potion for your hair and skin.

Strain out the rice water into a bowl. You can store this homemade rice water in an airtight container in refrigerator for up to a week time.

When needed, take out some rice water and pamper your skin in the following ways:

# 1

Rice Water Cleanser

It’s very easy to use rice water to cleanse your skin. Just soak a cotton pad or ball into the rice water, squeeze out extra rice water and gently massage it into your skin for a couple of minutes. Let your skin air dry to allow your skin to really absorb all goodness of this magic potion. Use this method daily, twice a day, and soon you will feel your skin getting soft, tight, and naturally glowing.

# 2

Rice Toner

Using rice water as a skin toner is another great way to make your skin look beautiful. Cleanse your face, neck and chest as you do usually. Dip a cotton ball or pad into rice water and apply it evenly all over your face, neck and chest. This procedure will help minimize the appearance of skin pores and tighten skin. In addition, this all-natural skin toner stimulates cell growth, improves blood flow, and helps keep your skin smooth and bright.

Tip: To cleanse your skin, you may use a natural homemade face wash.

# 3

For Calming Skin Irritation

Apply rice water on inflamed skin area  and rashes to soothe it naturally. According to one dermatological study, taking 15-minute rice water bath twice a day help improve the irritated skin conditions significantly.

# 4

To Calm Sunburns

Cold Rice water also can be used to soothe skin inflammations caused by sunburn. Make sure that use cold rice water to help your skin recover fast from sunburn and prevent any further damage.

# 5

Acne Home Remedy

Using rice water on acne helps ease your acne woes and reduce the redness of acne outbreak. It works as a natural astringent on the skin, tightening the skin pores.

Use this one of the cheapest and effective home remedy as described above and pamper your skin sitting at home!

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