Rose Water & Glycerin Hydrating Facial Mist

Rose-Water-Facial-MistThe story goes like this: While the ancient Romans would bathe in rosewater, Cleopatra would quench her face in this exceptional essence of rose to keep her complexion flawlessly beautiful.  

In this article you will find what does a rosewater mist do for your skin & how to make your very own rosewater mist at home.

A hydrating mist is used for moisturizing facial skin lightly. Though, it’s not a must for a great skin care regime, however, it’s in fact a useful additional step that can help your skin in many ways. More importantly, it makes the other skin care products perform better.

Hydrating Mist Benefits & Uses

Before I share with you the steps of making your own rosewater hydrating mist, let us first discuss why & what for you can use a hydrating mist:

(i) Easily hydrate your skin all through the day, with or without makeup.

(ii) To get better hydration, try layering hydrating mist under your moisturizer. It’s done like this – First spray the hydrating mist on your face, immediately thereafter, without allowing the mist to dry out, apply a good quality moisturizer of your choice. This way you lock in the water droplets, which will provide your facial skin a much better hydration.

(iii) Some makeup artists opine that using hydrating mist in between the layers of makeup helps the makeup appear more natural & smoother. It makes the other beauty products sink in & adhere to the skin completely. However, the most prevalent method of using a hydrating mist is to simply spray once at the end of your makeup application so as to remove the powder finish. I suggest that you try this because your makeup will certainly appear better and less cakey.

Rose Water & Glycerin Hydrating Facial Mist

This diy hydrating mist requires only two natural, skin friendly ingredients. This mist is not only least expensive & easy to make, but also gives the best results. The best thing about this mist is that its two ingredients are water based, so they are good for oily as well as dry skin.

You will need only the following 2 ingredients, both of which are great for the skin & very good at moisturizing

(i) Rose water:  3/4 cup

(ii) Glycerin: 1/4 cup

Rose Water Skin Benefits – Base Ingredient

(i) Excellent cleanser. Unclogs skin pores & wipes off dirt & oil from the pores.

(ii) Great moisturizer that vitalizes the skin as well

(iii) Maintains pH balance of the skin & decrease production of excess oil.

(iv) Has anti-inflammatory properties, which help decrease redness, acne & dermatitis.

(v) Being aromatic, it helps calm down anxiety & relieves stress.

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Glycerin Skin Benefits – Heavier Moisturizing Ingredient

(i) Being a humectant agent, helps retain water in the skin.

(ii) Glycerin’s hydroscopic properties draw moisture from the air into the skin, which helps keeping the skin hydrated, smooth & nourished.

(iii) Its cleansing properties help get rid of dead skin cells & other environmental pollutants sitting on the skin.

 (iv) Helps reduce excessive sebum production from the skin, so controls acne, pimples & blackheads.

(v) Shrinks skin pores, which can firm up & tighten your skin.

(vi) Helps maintain the skin’s pH balance.


Mix thoroughly both the ingredients in a spray bottle, close the lid tightly and shake the bottle well.

How To Use?

Before using, shake the bottle. Hold the bottle about 6 inches away from your face and spray 2 to 3 spritzes.

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