Make Your Own Skin Exfoliating Salt Body Scrub At Home

Salt Body ScrubMaking your own exfoliating salt body scrub is a wonderful experience and an economical way to get a natural spa-like treatment at home. Try this easy diy skin exfoliating salt scrub recipe to exfoliate your skin at home for a natural glow, instead of spending $ 60 (may be more) at a SPA.

And if you are thinking of buying salt scrub from a store then consider this – whereas most spa- and store-bought salt body scrubs can cost upward of $25 a jar, this simple diy recipe will just cost fraction of the price.

Once you’ve made this simple salt body scrub, you can use it to gently scrub away the damaged & dead skin – refreshing your skin & restoring the natural glow.

Note: This diy salt exfoliation scrub recipe is appropriate only for your body, so never use it on your face.

How To Make Your Own Exfoliating Salt Scrub At Home?

You will need:

(i) Sweet Almond Oil: 1/2 cup pure (you can use any light textured massage oil such as grapeseed oil – but never use cooking oil)

(ii) Sea Salt: 1 cup (never use iodized table salt because its too harsh for skin)

Note: If your skin is sensitive type, you can use this gentler sugar body scrub instead.

(iii) 5 to 10 drops of any high-quality essential oil of your choice (optional)

Note: The essential oil you use will depend on what you want to achieve and your personal fragrance choice. For example lemongrass is refreshing, lavender is relaxing and rosemary is stimulating.


(i) Put the salt in a small bowl. Add the oil, and mix the two ingredients well with a wooden spoon or stick until you get a smoothly blended, spreadable paste. The texture should not be overly oily, but should be moist enough to hold together. You can adjust the amount of oil and add less or more salt to achieve the texture of desired consistency.

(ii) If you want it to smell and get the feel as if it was bought from an expensive spa, you may add 5-10 drops of the chosen essential oil and mix well using a wooden spoon or stick.

(iii) This recipe makes enough for 3 scrubs. Transfer the finished product in to a pretty jar with the lip wide enough so that your fingers can go inside to take out the scrub, and you don’t have to carry a spoon with you into the shower to use it. Store the jar in cool, dark place.

You can use it once a week to maintain a good exfoliation routine.

Try it and share your experience with us in the comments section below.


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