’s no substitute for a night skincare routine. While you sleep at night, the nutrients in the products penetrate into your skin better than during the daytime. That explains why skin specialists say bedtime is the ideal time to allow your skin repair and rejuvenate. Additionally, as you’re not wearing makeup while you sleep your skin can breathe and absorb the nutrients from the products to the maximum extent.

Though there isn’t a one-fits-all routine, but there are some important steps that everyone should include in their night time skin care regime. We talked to the experts to find out what they recommend for a basic night skincare routine. Keep reading for their suggestions and tips.

6 Steps Skin Care Routine Before You Sleep At Night

Step # 1

Remove Makeup 

Sleeping with makeup on is a confirmed ticket to dull & fast aging skin. As a general rule, a cleanser isn’t good enough to get rid of everything. So, a nighttime skin care regime always begins with a gentle makeup remover to gently erase the makeup from your face.

Natural Beauty Tip: The eye area has super sensitive skin on your face and is susceptible to early fine lines & aging. So, instead of scrubbing the eye area, use a dissolving eye makeup remover and cotton swabs.

Step # 2

Gently Cleanse

Whatever your skin type may be, you need a gentle cleanser. Preferably use a water based cleanser that won’t strip your skin of natural oil & mess up with the skin’s microbiome. After cleansing your face, rinse off the cleanser thoroughly.

Step # 3

Tone Up

Toner helps calibrating your skin – that is balancing skin pH levels & moisture levels and also prepping up your skin to properly absorb all of the ingredients & formulas that follow. After patting your skin dry with a soft towel, apply a small amount of a good quality toner by pressing it (not swabbing it) onto your facial skin, using a cotton pad.

Step # 4

Serum Treatment

Applying serum is the most powerful step in the skin care routine. But which product you should use will depend on the specific needs of your skin. You may like to focus more on hydration, regeneration or brightening of your skin; accordingly you can choose a serum formula.

Step # 5

You Need To Moisturize: Whatever Your Skin Type May Be!

Whether you have dry, normal, oily skin or anything in between, it’s essential to apply a moisturizer twice in a day; once in the morning & once at night after cleansing your face. When you cleanse your face, natural oils get removed along with the dirt or makeup. A good quality moisturizer replenishes and nourishes your skin.

If your skin is oily, choose a water-based moisturizer. Focus a little more to moisturize your elbows, heels, knees, hands and feet because these areas are especially dry at night.

Step # 6


The areas around your eyes have no oil glands, so they are prone to puffiness, crow’s feet, dark circles, etc., and as such need extra attention. Use an eye cream to moisturize the fragile skin around your eyes. Apply the eye cream in small dots around your eyes and message very gently until absorbed.


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