DIY Skin Tightening Face Masks You Should Definitely Try

diy face mask to tighten facial skinAs you age, your skin too starts to age. Collagen and elastin—proteins that maintain your skin smooth, tight, and wrinkle-free—are necessary for healthy skin. But aging, sun damage, and exposure to airborne pollutants can cause the collagen and elastin to break down. This breakdown leads to wrinkled, sagging skin that can leave unsightly marks on your face, neck and chest.

You may want your skin to look flawless, young and tight, but may not want surgery or find expensive treatments not within your budget. Instead of relying on those cosmetic surgeries or expensive skin lifting treatments, you can look after your skin in a very healthy and natural manner.

Top Face Masks To Tighten Skin

Skin firming face masks are the natural effective ways to go. They help to lift your skin, smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, and give your complexion an all-over healthy glow. I have selected the following 5 diy skin firming face packs, which use ingredients that are inexpensive and moreover most people usually already have them in their house. Use any of these face-tightening masks once a week for younger looking, flawless and glowing skin.

# 1

Banana Face Pack For Skin Tightening

Banana is packed with rich fats that hydrate your skin as well as moisturize it. It also boosts the skin’s elasticity and helps in tightening loose skin.

Honey and olive oil are natural humectants and contain antioxidants too, which help repair the damaged skin cells.

You Will Need

(i) Banana: ½, ripe

(ii) Olive oil: 1 teaspoon, extra virgin

(iii) Honey: 1 teaspoon, organic

How To Make?

Peel the banana and mash it so that no lumps remain behind. Add honey and olive oil to the mashed banana and mix them well until you get a smooth paste of uniform consistency.

Note: Instead of olive oil, you can use 1 tablespoon of plain (unflavored and unsweetened) yogurt.

How To Apply?

(i) With your fingertips or a makeup brush, use as much as is necessary to spread evenly onto a cleansed face and neck, completely avoiding the lips and areas around the eyes.

(ii) Leave it on for 15-20 minutes, and then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

(iii) Do a final rinse with cool water, as the cool water will close your pores.

Use this mask once or twice a week.

# 2

Egg White Face Pack To Tighten Skin

When it comes to skin-tightening, egg white is considered as one of the most effective ingredients for skin tightening and thus is the most commonly used ingredient. It contains albumin, which helps in toning up the skin and makes it look more firm and smooth. Yogurt cleanses your skin and helps in lightening the blemishes and pigmentation spots. Sugar is the best natural exfoliator. It cleanses the skin, removes dead cells, and can even reverse the signs of aging. Moreover, it acts as a natural humectant, meaning it draws moisture from the environment into the skin.

You Will Need

(i) Egg white: 1

(ii) Yogurt: 1 tablespoon, plain, unflavored and unsweetened

(iii) Sugar: 1/8 teaspoon

How To Make And Apply?

(i) Take 1 egg, separate the egg white from the yellow and add yogurt and sugar to it. Whisk the ingredients well until a smooth texture is attained.

(ii) Apply the mixture on your face and also on neck, if you like. Let it dry.

(iii) Rinse well with lukewarm water and then splash cold water on your face.

Apply this mask regularly once every week.

# 3

Oatmeal Face Mask For Skin Tightening

Oatmeal works as an absorbent. It has ability to absorb all the impurities and dirt from your skin pores. Moreover it contains antioxidants, which soothes the skin and also shields it from free radicals damage. Gram flour and honey avert the natural aging process and also nourish your skin.

You Will Need

(i) Oats: 1 tablespoon

(ii) Gram flour (Besan): 1 tablespoon

(iii) Honey: 1 teaspoon, organic

(iv) Rose water: 1 teaspoon

How To Make And Apply?

(i) Grind the oats into a grainy powder form.

(ii) Mix gram flour and honey with ground oats and add enough rose water to get a thick paste mask.

(iii) Apply the mask on your face and neck, leaving it on for 10 minutes.

(iv) Wash the mask off with water.

Use this pack once a week.

# 4

Fuller’s Earth (Multani Mitti) Skin Tightening Face Pack

Fuller’s earth (or multani mitti, as called in India) tightens skin, improves skin tone and combats blemishes, acne, tanning, etc. It sucks excess oil from the skin and stimulates blood circulation as well. Milk turns your skin into smoother and softer texture and nourishes it too.


(a) Fuller’s earth is generally recommended for oily skin and not for dry or sensitive skin.

(b) Avoid using this face pack if your skin is allergic to dairy products. You can replace milk with rose water if you want to try this pack.

You Will Need

(i) Fuller’s Earth: 2-3 tablespoons

(ii) Milk: Enough to make paste, whole milk, i.e. full fat milk

How To Make And Apply?

(i) Add enough milk to the fuller’s earth powder. Stir it well with a non-metallic spoon to get a smooth, spreadable paste.

(ii) Apply the pack evenly on your face and neck.

(iii) Let the pack sit on your skin for about 15 minutes, until it dries out.

(iv) Rinse the pack off using lukewarm water, and then splash your face with cold water.

Use this once every week.

# 5

Skin Tightening Bentonite Clay Mask

This clay is full of minerals including silica, iron, magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium, many nutrients and is very effective and beneficial for your skin, irrespective of your age. You can use it to firm up and revitalize the aging skin.

You Will Need

(i) Bentonite clay: 2 tablespoons

(ii) Powdered milk: 1 teaspoon

(iii) Plain water or rose water

How To Make And Apply?

(i) Mix well bentonite clay and milk powder. Add in enough water (or rose water), and stir well with a non-metallic spoon to form a smooth, thick paste.

(ii) Apply it evenly onto all over face and neck, using your fingers or a facemask brush.

(iii) Leave it on for about 10 to 20 minutes or until it dries out. You will feel a pulling and tightening sensation while the mask is drying.

(iv) When you wash off the clay, you will also wash off the impurities, tightening the pores and giving your a skin youthful glow.

Use this mask once every week.

Well there you have it… 5 natural skin tightening facial masks that you can put together at home. Please share with us which skin tightening remedies do you use under the comments section below.

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  1. Dull face always makes us not confident. To get rid of it, it’s important that you give it regular care. One is to routinely use a mask for a dull face. I usually mix myself for facial masks at home, this can help me reduce the dull face.

  2. I will definitely try the banana one, this morning. They all are good masks but most of the ingredients in some I don’t know or have.

    Thanks for sharing.


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