Dermatologists List Of No-No’s For Your Skin

Don'ts For Skin Care

You obviously know not to scour your face like a bathtub. But many things you might not know because they look so subtle. Read on for the 9 things that you should avoid doing on your skin at all costs – as suggested by Dermatologists.

9 Don’ts For Skin Care

# 1

Never pop a pimple

When a pimple gets big, and stare at you when you look in the mirror – you just want to get rid of it soonest possible. Popping it may seem to you a quick fix. To quote the renowned dermatologist Dr Jeffrey Fromowitz: “It is very tempting to do so. But if you disrupt your skin such as popping a pimple, it exposes your skin to the risks of infection, aggravating inflammation and increased chances of scarring. So, even if you have grossly bulging pimples that you are tempted to pop, never do it – rather go & see a dermatologist.”

# 2

Never leave home without applying sunscreen

The people are conscientious about slathering on sunscreen when lying on the beach, but they forget that this is just as important to put it on even when they are heading to their office. To quote Dr. Fromowitz: “Make sunscreen a part of your everyday skin care routine. Exposing skin to the sun without sunscreen not only damages the collagen present in your skin resulting into fine lines, wrinkles and sun spots, but also enhances the risk of skin cancer.”

And when you need to be out in the sun considerably, take extra precaution. Dr Jeremy Brauer, Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology, says: “Avoid going out in the middle of the day and wear sun protective clothing. Try to schedule outdoor activities either in the early morning or late afternoon as the sun isn’t strong at these times.”

# 3

Never have lime or lemon on your skin while in the sun

Many people use lemon or lime juice as home remedies on their skin because of its antioxidants and antibiotic properties. But it can lead to problems due to its ‘phototoxic’ reaction if you expose your skin, with lemon juice on it, to the sun. Dr Alejandra Vivas says: “You can get a blister or just pigmentation that may last for months. A common consequence for someone enjoying a beer with lime at the beach to get some lime juice on his/her hand.”

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# 4

Stay away from miracle products that tout secret ingredients

Your skin is delicate and gets easily irritated. There are no such things as miracle skin lotions or creams. Dr Fromowitz says: “Beware of the products that do not display list of their ingredients. You must know what you are going to apply on your skin. She further says: “If in doubt, talk to your dermatologist about the product, and what your skin needs, who can guide you about the effective & safe product options, specifically suitable for your skin type and its problems.”

# 5

Steer Clear of DIY high-level treatments

The internet has facilitated access to virtually every product that one can think of, including those that should be obtainable only by prescription or available only to physicians. Though one is always tempted to buy a professional strength peel to do it at home to save money, but you should refrain from doing so. Dr Fromowitz says: “ Such powerful products involve substantial risk if not done properly. For high-level skin treatment you should consult a skin specialist.”

# 6

Resist temptation to pick at your skin

We all do it at some point – sitting an hour in front of a mirror going over every inch of your skin. However, this is a big no-no. Dr Brauer says: “Scratching/picking at acne, whiteheads, blackheads, bug bites or other skin lesions can result in to infection and also scarring as well as possibly permanent change in pigment.”

# 7

Avoid Squeezing Deep Cysts

If someone has painful cystic acne, he/she then looks for instant relief. But one should never squeeze. Generally the patients are tempted to squeeze the contents of epidermal cysts through their characteristically small opening by applying pressure. This pressure can rupture the cyst inside, leading to an acute inflammatory reaction and serious infection that might require drainage and oral antibiotic treatment. Instead, see a dermatologist to cure the painful cyst problem.

# 8

Never use expired skin care potions

There’s a reason why expiration dates are mentioned on skincare products. When you use expired skin care potions, it may feel fine – but there’s possibility that its active ingredients might have begun to degrade or actually no longer active at all and could cause skin irritation. Whenever you buy a product, first look at the expiry date to ensure that it hasn’t been sitting on the shelf beyond the expiry date.

# 9

Avoid sticking sharp objects into your skin

Never use quick fix tools at home when it comes to removing a pimple. Dr Berson says: “It’s not recommended to stick needles into a blemish. It is likely to enhance inflammation and increase the possibility for pigmentation, infection & scarring. It won’t get rid of it, but will actually last longer and leave a scar. These quick fix type tools are meant to be used by the experts.”

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