How To Make Sugar, Tomato Facial Scrub At Home

DIY Sugar Tomato Facial
Tomato sugar face scrub is an easy & quick remedy for treating tanned skin and eliminating dead skin cells that otherwise make your skin look dull & aged.

Exfoliation is a process, which removes dead skin cells and helps to revive dull skin. Exfoliating your face with a sugar & tomato facial scrub is a simple, effective and cost efficient method to exfoliate & promote healthy face skin.

Today I will share with you an easy diy sugar & tomato facial scrub recipe. This recipe needs only two ingredients that are already in your kitchen – tomato & sugar! The combination of tomato and sugar creates a great facial scrub for exfoliating your face – because sugar acts as a natural exfoliant & tomatoes contain astringent properties & are a rich source of vitamin A as well.

Why To Use Tomato & Sugar?

Sugar: It works as the main scrubbing agent, getting rid of the dead skin cells & promoting fresh, new ones. Actually, sugar grains provide dual scrubbing action: first they on their own physically exfoliate the skin, and second sugar is naturally a rich source of alpha hydroxy acids, which help exfoliate the outer skin layer by dissolving the bindings between dead skin cells.

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Tomatoes: They are a naturally rich source of a number of antioxidants, including potent antioxidant lycopene, which not only helps calm inflamed skin, but also protect it from free-radical damage. Lycopene has skin brightening properties too, that’s why it is often found in many whitening skincare products! Another good thing – when lycopene is absorbed through the skin, it helps eliminate free radicals that harm the skin.

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How To Make Tomato & Sugar Face Scrub?

Ready to start, here we go!

You will need:

(i) Tomato: 1 medium or large (preferably with green stalk still attached as it can be used like a small handle)

(ii) Sugar: 1- 2 tablespoon, granulated


(i) Cleanse your face and neck skin and remove all makeup. Wear a headband so that your face stays clear of hair.

(ii) Put the sugar on a plate, spread it a little with the help of a spoon, and keep the plate aside.

(iii) Wash & clean the tomato. Cut top of the tomato off. You will use the top as a scrubbing pad thus don’t cut the top too thin.

(iv) Dip the tomato top in the sugar, twist it around a bit in the sugar so as to get even coating.

(v) Now gently start scrubbing sugar dipped tomato in small circular motions. Start from the forehead & move down to the area around your eyes (avoiding eyes) and then other areas of the face, including nose, mouth, chin and finally the neck. You can use your fingers or a facial brush. Make sure you rub slowly and gently without harming your skin. Continue exfoliating for a couple of minutes, and then leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Relax & eat rest of the tomato.

(vi) Rinse off with lukewarm water.  Pat your skin dry and if you feel need apply your favorite moisturizer.

Alternative method of preparing tomato sugar scrub: Blend tomatoes in to a fine puree. Add sufficient amount of sugar to the puree & stir the combination well. The rest of the process is same as above.

Natural Beauty Tip

You don’t need to moisten your skin before using tomato, sugar face scrub. You can use it on completely dry skin as tomato releases its own juice while you scrub with it.

You can include the tomato, sugar facial scrub in your weekly skin care routine. Try this amazing facial scrub to revive dull skin!


  1. Pls I need what ingredients that can help remove long lasting and stubborn Bleaching burnt or sunburnt on my Face. All efforts tried prove abortive


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