Top 9 Beauty TipsHere are the top 9 basic beauty tips that you should include in your beauty care routine to make you look beautiful & gorgeous.

# 1

Exfoliating your skin regularly will keep your skin young & naturally glowing. Though each individual’s skin is different, but I would suggest using a body scrub every alternate day and a facial exfoliator once per week. Gently use a soft washcloth to help get rid of your cleanser as well. Exfoliation will maintain your skin smooth and allow your moisturizer to work more efficiently.

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# 2

Facial massage helps not only maintain elasticity in the skin, but also help delay occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles as we age. Best part is that it’s easy to do at home. It helps improve blood flow, thereby increases blood circulation going in the facial area, which in turn stimulates your skin and keeps it rejuvenated.

As with regular massaging, our skin can retain far more of its natural elasticity – so it eventually help to slow down skin aging process.

I recommend that you do a 5-minute facial massage when you moisturize your skin each night by gently massaging your night cream into your skin with firm upward motions from the throat up. Once the cream gets absorbed into your skin, use circular motions over your entire face to really blend it in and to kick the blood circulation going.

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# 3

Hot water can dry out your scalp. Use normal water to rinse you hair. You may use lukewarm water in winters. You should also rinse your face with cool water because this will close your pores and help tighten your facial skin.

# 4

Use Skin Care products that are organic. It’s an undeniable fact that chemicals age our skin faster. Try to use organic skin care beauty products without chemicals.

# 5

Do you know you can whiten your teeth with strawberries! The secret to this easy on pocket teeth whitening trick is malic acid, which works as an astringent to get rid of surface discoloration. You can simply combine strawberries with baking soda to make a natural tooth-cleanser at home. This magic paste can buff away stains from red wine, coffee, tea and dark sodas – the perfect inexpensive trick to a winning smile. Simply mash a strawberry into a pulp, and mix it with half a teaspoon of baking powder. Message this paste gently, leaving it on your teeth for five minutes! Do once a week, and see the magic!!

# 6

Use your hairbrush gently because constant hard brushing can weaken and wear out your hair strands. Frequent hard brushing can also result in to split hair ends and scratched scalps.

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# 7

Don’t neglect backs of your hands, tops of your feet, neck and chest. Include these areas in your beauty routine. The skin in these areas is thin and so they are a give-away to show signs of ageing or divulge lack of care so it’s a good idea to take care them as you do for your face.

# 8

Put your eye and lip pencils in the fridge before sharpening. They will be less likely to break – and you won’t waste as much.

# 9

And the last, but not the least! If you are going outdoors in the sun, wear a hat, put on some sunscreen to avoid sunburnt or sun damaged skin. It is just not worth it.


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