Vitamin E For Wrinkles-Free, Glowing Skin

Vitamin E For Skin

In this article, I am going to share with you how vitamin E can protect your skin from the everyday beatings it’s subjected to. Vitamin E is not only a great anti-ageing solution, but it also works wonders for your skin such as enhancing the effects of the SPF on your skin, helping to deal with dry skin, etc. Read on to learn vitamin E skin benefits, how you can use it & derive benefits of vitamin E for skin.

Let us first start with why you should include vitamin E in your diet & skin care regime and how you can do it?

Major Vitamin E Benefits For Skin

(i) Anti-aging: It’s a natural solution to slow down the skin-aging process and help fighting the signs of skin aging – wrinkles & fine lines. It’s an effective ingredient to repair damaged skin tissues and is highly moisturizing.  

(ii) Deals With Scars: Vitamin E is a great antioxidant, hence works as a catalyst to accelerate the skin’s natural healing process. All you have to do is apply vitamin E directly on to the nasty scars. This natural healer boosts production of collagen, thereby helps to heal scars at much accelerated pace.

(iii) Possible Treatment For Dry Hands: A great option to deal with the minor but perennial problem of dry hands. Simply cut a capsule open & apply the solution directly on your hands to moisturize them. It’s believed; its regular application can make your hands look younger over time.

(iv) Take Care Of Chapped Lips: Vitamin E is a good option to resolve your chapel lips problem. Simply use vitamin E oil, instead of your regular lip balm, for intense hydration to deal with your chapped lips. The best part, one application lasts whole day. And if dark lips are your constant worry, regular usage of the Vitamin E oil may lighten them too.

(v) Fight Sun Damage: It helps protect your skin from skin damaging effects of the sun. To prevent these damaging effects, apply some vitamin E oil. This skin vitamin infuses collagen into your skin cells and boosts the skin’s healing capabilities to produce healthy new cells. It can play a key role in reducing the harmful effects of the harsh sunrays. Simply, apply vitamin E oil directly on your skin before using sunscreen, or choose one that has vitamin E as an ingredient to maximize the sun-protection benefits.

Natural Sources Of Vitamin E – Include These Foods In Your Diet

Whereas the topical usage of vitamin E oil may seem the obvious option, but it’s important to strengthen & boost internal health as well by having a diet including foods that are high in vitamin E such as pomegranate seeds, sunflower seeds, nuts, olive oil, spinach, broccoli and avocado.

Vitamin E For Skin – How To Use Topically For Wrinkles Free, Glowing Skin

Vitamin E Nourishing Face Mask

Mash half a well ripe banana. Prick two – three vitamin E capsules with a clean needle, and extract their solution. Mix well the extracted solution with the mashed banana. Apply the mixture evenly on your face, leaving it on for about twenty minutes. Use this remedy consistently 2-3 times per week till results are seen.

Vitamin E Face Mask For Acne

Prick two-three vitamin E capsules with a clean needle, and extract their solution from inside. Gently apply the solution on the acne-affected areas, leaving it on overnight. Rinse it off with water the next morning. Apply this remedy regularly.

Vitamin E Mask To Soften Skin

This mask will soften your skin, while providing anti-aging skin benefits.

Mix vitamin E oil with skin-softening almond oil, some freshly squeezed lemon juice, honey, and mashed avocado. Apply this mixture onto your face, leaving it on your face for about 20 minutes to brighten, soften & clear your skin complexion. Use this mask not more than than twice a week.

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