Most of the women take care of their faces and necks’ skin. They apply expensive beauty treatments on their faces, but neglect their hands. This is a big mistake they do. Hands are as important as the faces and necks are.

Hand Care Tips

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How beautiful and young you may look from your face, your hands will tell your true age if you don’t take care of them.

Follow these beauty tips to take care of your hands.

1. Apply Sunscreen: Have you noticed, mostly women apply sunscreen on their faces. Some of them apply on their arms as well, when they are getting exposed. They ignore to apply sunscreen on their hands. Do not forget that hands too are vulnerable to sun damage. Your hands are equally likely to get wrinkles and discoloration due to damaging sun rays.

So take care to apply sunscreen on to your hands, whenever you are applying it on your face and arms.

2. Antioxidants: If you are using facial antioxidant cream or serum on your face, consider applying it on your hands also to shield your hands skin from the damaging effects of the atmosphere.

3. Moisturizers: Look out for a good quality hands lotion to apply it on to your hands regularly to keep them moisturized. Try a hand lotion with alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and vitamins.

4. In addition to applying above treatments, it is equally important to protect your hands when you are doing tough household chores, like laundry, dish-washing, gardening, etc. While doing these household chores, remember to wear hand-gloves to keep your hands’ skin protected. By wearing gloves you not only will keep your hands skin looking young, but will able to protect your finger nails also.

Follow above hand care tips to take care of your aging hands. 


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