Many people are inquisitive about skin-toners. They want to know: What Does Facial Toner Do? Do they need a toner? If so, which ones are the best for their skin type? You will find answers to all such question here.

Toner For Face

Best Facial Toner

What Is The Purpose Of Toner?

Many people are not clear about the role of toners in a skin care routine. Due to outdated information, some fashion magazines, dermatologists, and even cosmetics salespersons advise why use a toner, or simply set aside toners as an optional step in skin care. That is unfortunate, because a well-formulated toner offers really great benefits for the skin.

Once you comprehend how does toner work, and understand what ingredients are comprised in some toners, which can be harmful for the skin and what ingredients are needed for getting a healthy, flawless radiance, you will appreciate that using a skin toner can be a great supplement to any skin-care regimen.

Toner Use For Skin

When you cleanse your skin, your skin craves for certain ingredients to help repair and refurbish its epidermis. There is no in-built mechanism for skin to get sufficient amounts of these vital elements, including antioxidants and skin-repairing materials such as glycerin, fatty acids, and ceramides. An appropriate toner can provide your skin with a healthy shot of what is required right after cleansing to make it look younger, fresher, and smoother throughout the day!

Which Toner For Face Would Be Best For You?

Before you look out for a toner, which would be an ideal one for your skin you need to understand the different types of toners available on the market. Mainly, toners can be divided into three categories:

(i) Alcohol Based Formulations: Such toners often contain “astringent-agents”, like witch hazel. Toners with alcohol and astringent ingredients better be avoided as they can lead to skin irritation and cause free-radical impairment, which harms your skin’s power to repair itself. Such toners also hamper their capability to generate healthy collagen.

(ii) Water And Glycerin Or Glycol-Based Formulations: Such toners mostly come with fragrant extracts, like rose water or citrus fruits. Such types of toners may be branded as fresheners or clarifiers, and are just a little more than eau de cologne for your face. Such extravagantly aromatic toners can cause reactions that are harmful to skin.

(iii) Water-Based Formulations: The water based toners are made of valuable anti-oxidants, skin-repairing ingredients, and cells-communicating elements such as niacinamide. We recommend only these types of skin-friendly toners.

Whether To Use Tone Or Not?

If you can choose a good toner suitably formulated for your skin type, “natural beauty tips” recommend that you make facial toner an integral part of your skin cleansing routine as its benefits can be seen virtually right away.

On the contrary, never attempt to use a toner that comprises of skin irritating elements, like alcohol, citrus, or excessively fragrant agents, even if they are natural. Irritation damages your skin’s healing ability and cut back on healthy collagen production – 2 skin damaging things you should always keep away from, if you want to perk up your skin!

Which Toners For Different Skin Types?

If you are not able to identify a toner that is most suitable for your skin type, you can find here some of the best naturally homemade skin toners – Best Natural Skin Toners. Read and enjoy naturally healthy, vibrant skin!

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