Although you need to take care of your skin during all round the year, but summer is the time when you need to take extra care of your skin because of all the dirt, oil and clogs that happen due to the warm-weather months. So what is the secret formula to healthy summer skin? It’s toner!

Use toner to keep your skin clean and young

How to clean your face

Beware! Do not attempt to pile on more makeup to conceal acne and oily skin problems. The mantra is to use a gentle, soothing toner to get rid of oil and residues of dirt and filth.

Toners   are very beneficial and essential for the ones who have oily or acne-prone skin. They are also very useful for those who need extra cleansing because of their habits to wear makeup or apply heavy skin products, like sun screen.

Now it may come to your mind: What does toner do? Is it necessary to use toner? Will toner over dry skin on my face? Read on here to know benefits of toner for skin and how toner helps in keeping your skin clean, young and preventing acne breakouts.

1. Minimize the size of pores: Apply a little bit of toner with the help of a soft cotton ball or pad. Just blot and wipe your face with it to get rid of oil. It will impart appearance of smaller pores on your face.

2. Stabilizes pH balance: The pH balance of skin gets tampered after washing/cleansing, due to the alkaline ingredients of the soap. Due to this pH balance get disturbed and your skin have to work extra to reinstate the pH balance. By using toner this balance can be restored fast.

3. Adds layer of protection: It removes chlorines and minerals present in water used for washing your face and therefore protects your skin. Further it closes the skin pores and narrows down the cell gaps, therefore helps in restricting penetration of impurities and pollutants into your skin.

4. Acts as humectant: Some toners work as humectant, that is, they help in locking moisture into the skin.

5. Refreshes Skin: If you are in a hurry, toner can be used instead of washing your face with water to remove dirt, grime and remaining oily residues on your face. It leaves your skin clean and refreshed.

Some people say that using a toner can dry your skin, especially in winters when your skin is already dry. But the benefits outweigh this small disadvantage. Moreover you can counter this small disadvantage by using a good moisturizer right after using toner, so as it retains moisture.

The great benefit of using a toner is controlling acne breakouts and wrinkles.

And for the ones who like to put on makeup every day, the toner becomes very useful tool as a part of their daily skin care regime to ensure that their makeup is removed at the end of the day, so as not to clog their pores, thereby, leading to acne break outs.   The bonus point is that using toner for a long term helps in delaying your skin getting wrinkled.

Even if you don’t use makeup every day, you can still use a mild toner once a day to remove dirt, grime and oily residues to keep your skin refreshed and revitalized.

And for the ones, who don’t want to use toner because of its drying result, can walk into their kitchen to use natural facial toners, such as cucumber slices (even cucumber juice), cotton ball or pad dipped in lemon juice, tomato slices or even simple ice cubes.


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