Winter Skin Care & Dry Skin Ayurvedic Remedies

Top Skincare Tips & Ayurvedic Ways to Maintain Good Skin Health.

Learn here the top tips & best ways to fight dry skin, replenish hydration, and restore the lost sheen and vitality during winters.

External factors like winters can wreak havoc on your skin if you do not adequately care for your skin. Cold, dry weather and chilly wind drain the moisture and remove the natural oils from the skin’s surface, disrupting the skin’s natural barrier. That causes loss of hydration, dullness, flakiness, itching, and inflammation.

So a must-do for winter skincare is to feed your skin with nourishing ingredients to help restore its lost hydration and vitality.

Ayurveda Dry Skin Remedies For Winters

Ayurveda skin remedies can protect your skin during these extremely harsh times, keeping your skin beautiful and radiant. Ayurveda is an ancient treasure trove of secrets using natural ingredients to benefit your beauty and health.

Ayurvedic beauty remedies use mainly plants, herbs, and natural essences that have been tested over time. Our ancestors have thoughtfully formulated these remedies.

  1. Limit using hot water as it increases dryness. Instead, take a shower or short bath with warm (NOT hot) water. Hot water strips off protective oils from the skin and releases histamines, increasing itching.
  2. Avoid harsh, chemical soaps. Instead, use a mild cleanser and cleanse gently, using only fingertips or a soft cloth (NO scrubbing or loofas).

Ayurveda Homemade Cleanser: Soak one tablespoon of sesame seeds for two hours. Grind them finely, add milk and a pinch of turmeric fine powder to make a paste. This gentle scrub cleanses and moisturizes the skin.

Ayurveda Homemade Exfoliator: Take a teaspoon of sesame oil, and add a teaspoon of coarse gram flour. This scrub helps exfoliate skin effectively in winters without making it dry.

Tip: An oil massage before the bath will keep your skin healthy and smooth. Ayurveda recommends doing oil massage before bath to restore the lost moisture and get sheen. Self-oil massage helps keep your skin soft and supple all through the day. During winters (dry season),  Ayurveda suggests using sesame or coconut oil before the morning shower. Natural shower oils effectively get rid of dryness by sealing in moisture that otherwise gets wiped off during towel drying.

  1. After the shower or bath, pat with a dry, soft towel (do not rub) and apply an extra nourishing moisturizer. Creams and ointments are usually more effective and less irritating than lotions. Choose an ointment or cream that has an oil like jojoba or olive. Shea butter also works well. Other ingredients that help soothe dehydrated, flaky skin include lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, dimethicone, lanolin, petrolatum, and mineral oil. Natural cold-pressed oils such as jojoba, almond, apricot, and sesame are beneficial too.
  2. After applying moisturizer, you may cover the extremely dry areas with a good emollient, like petroleum jelly. Emollients help to seal in the moisturizer.
  3. You may use a humidifier to add moisture to the air.
  4. Wear soft fabrics that breathe, like 100 percent cotton. Wool or other rough fabrics can irritate your skin. Wear a breathable, soft fabric underneath if you need to wear wool or other rough fabrics.
  5. Apply hand cream after each hand washing. Gently rub petroleum jelly on your hands before you sleep.
  6. When you go outdoors in winter, wear gloves.
  7. If you have chapped lips, apply moisturizing lip balm. Some healing lip balms may irritate your lips. If your lips tingle or sting after applying lip balm, use another that does not cause such a reaction.
  8. Use Skin Renewing Night Cream: Use night serums containing emollient butter to nourish and renew the skin overnight.

Ayurveda Remedy:  Mix rose water, glycerine, and lemon juice. Apply it before you sleep. You can use this best age-old dry skin remedy before bed.

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