Winter Hair Tips to get Healthy hair

1. You need to take Winter Hair Care as much as you care for your hair in the summers. Gusty winds, snow, and icy cold weather make your hair dry and brittle. Indoor heating can dehydrate your hair, so it is as bad for your hair as is a hair dryer.

Winter Hair Care Tips

Winter Hair Care Tips

2. Whereas woolen clothes can protect your skin from the cold dry weather, you need to do something for your hair as well to protect it from getting split ends to dry frizz in winters. In this article you will find the best winter hair care tips to take care of your hair in winter months.

3. Avoid over washing of your hair: In winter wash your hair less frequently.

4. Avoid washing your hair with hot water, as it strips off natural oils from your hair. A very effective winter hair care tip. 

(i) Set the water temperature between lukewarm to moderately warm.

(ii) After washing your hair, consider rinsing the longer part of your hair with cool water. It will close its pores and lock in the moisture to make it shiny and smooth.

(iii) Do not rinse out hair conditioner completely.

5. Shampooing and Hair conditioning for Winter Hair Care :

(i) Shampoo your hair less frequently.

(ii) Conditioning is a must every time you wash your hair in winter months.

6. Limit the use of hair straighteners, curlers and hot hair blowers for winter hair care, if you must then:

(i) Consider using a leave-in conditioner first, before heat styling your hair.

(ii) Set your hair dryer at low heat.

(iii) Try to air-dry your hair as often as possible.

7. Do not use beauty products containing alcohol or that have high alcohol contents, as alcohol will dry out your hair. Even the hair spraying perfume tends to make your hair dry and brittle.

8. Go for regular hair trimming. It will make your hair get rid of dry and split ends to give more bounce to your hair.

9. Consider wearing a hat or cap or even scarf if you are going out in cold and windy weather.

10. Consider using a hair serum or cream to keep your hair moisturized.

11. Natural Beauty Tips for Winter Hair Care:

(i) Give an Olive Oil Massage to your scalp twice a week. It not only stimulates blood circulation, but also compensates for loss of natural oils due to cold windy weather.

(ii) As a natural treatment, you can put a few drops of warm, natural oil, like olive, avocado, jajoba onto your palm; massage it on the scalp, then starting from the ends, work upwards to the roots. Leave it overnight and wash of your hair in the morning.

(iii) Use coconut milk as a natural hair conditioner.

(iv) Consider using humidifier in your bedroom or place a large bowl of water near the radiator.

(v) Drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated on the inside as well.

(vi) Try to keep your hair tied in a knot or a plait, so that they are less exposed to the hostile cold weather.

(vii) Consume a balance diet to make your hair healthy and shiny. Include in your diet spinach, walnuts, eggs and sprouts.

Follow above Winter Hair Care Tips to get healthy and glassy hair.

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