wooden hair brush with wooden bristlesFor last one year, I have been experimenting to find out one simple tool that is good and great in the natural hair care products world. To my astonishment I have found that wooden bristle hairbrushes are so good and therapeutic. They are perfect to stimulate and massage the scalp, which can not only increase the circulation but also drive more nutrients to reach your hair follicles so as to keep hair healthy and strong.

Also, just the feel of wood on your scalp will be so relaxing, like someone’s stroking your hair!

Read on here to find why should you use a wooden bristle hair brush, how to use it, how to keep it clean and tips to make best use of it.

The Top 7 Benefits Of Using A Wooden Brush

(i) Stimulates Hair Follicles: The wooden bristles impart a feeling as if some body is massaging your scalp with fingers – a kind of acupressure feel. They not just feel relaxing, but they even help stimulate hair follicles to help new growth.

(ii) Makes Your Hair Grow Faster And Thicker: The massaging effect also promotes circulation all through scalp, infusing healthy nutrients to the hair roots. This helps your hair to grow faster and stronger.

(iii) Naturally Conditions Hair: Natural wooden bristles is a natural way to condition your hair, and evenly dispense your hair’s natural oils from your scalp all the way down along the hair shaft till the hair ends. Your own hair natural oils are the best natural conditioner to help keep the hair moisturized and soft.

Natural Beauty Tip: For those who have fine hair and desire extra volume, they can try this trick. You can also flip your hair upside down and brush from the nape of your neck to the tips of your hair. Doing this will improve blood flow to the top of your scalp.

(iv) Prevents Static and Flyaways: Wood has a neutral charge; hence wooden bristles don’t generate any static (which you notice while using synthetic brushes and combs).

Because the wood bristles help untangle and style your hair without building an electric charge, you can comb your hair in peace.

(v) Stops Hair Breakage: Since wooden bristles are wide and gentle, so you can separate and manage hair easily without any pull. You will be surprised to see how a wooden brush can glide through the hair with ease.

Tip: If your hair is too tangled and has lots of knots, it’s best to use wide-tooth wood comb – which is gentler, particularly if you have curly and thick hair.

(vi) Best For Sensitive Scalp: While plastic or metal pins are likely to scratch scalp, the wooden tips don’t. So if you have a sensitive scalp, this is a boon.

(vii) Helps With Dandruff: They help with the dandruff if it’s due to dry scalp. A wooden brush provides a gentle massage like effect, which help regularize the oil production and get rid of dandruff. Moreover it also removes dead cells and flakes deposited on your scalp.

Who Should Use A Wooden Brush?

Irrespective of hair length, and whether it’s thin or thick, men or women – you can use and benefit from brushing with wooden bristles to improve your hair and scalp health without much effort.

How to Use Wooden Brush?

It’s in no way different from using a normal brush.

Begin at the roots. From the roots, work the brush through your hair to the end. Comb each section of your scalp a few times. You can also flip your head upside down and brush from the nape of your neck to the tips of your hair and see how the magic works.

Tip: If you have lots of knots and tangles, use a wide-tooth comb to remove the knots. Always start from the ends and move your way up.

Keep Your Hair Brush Clean

Keep your brushes clean so you don’t transfer the dirt and grease back into your hair.

When you wash your hair, take your brush/comb with you and wash it as well. Use some soap and warm water to clean it. If it’s greasy or dirty, use an old toothbrush to scrub it gently.

Also, take out any hair from the bristles.

Where to Buy?

Though you can find the wooden brushes in stores, but a wide range of good wooden brushes variety is available online. Here you can buy some good ones: Get Top Rated Wooden Hair Brushes At Best Prices

Have you ever used a Wooden Hair Brush? Please share your experience with us under the comments section below.


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